Our Mission

NWW's mission is threefold: to offer a spectrum of local services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to offer support services to their families, and to offer programs to increase community awareness and receptivity regarding persons with disabilities.

NWW adheres to specific guiding principles that are reflected in all agency services and supports:

  • NWW respects the dignity of all individuals.
  • NWW protects the rights of all individuals.
  • NWW promotes community participation by providing as many opportunities as possible for individualized experiences in a wide range of community settings.
  • NWW encourages relationships among families, friends, neighbors and co-workers.
  • NWW supports the free expression of choice and decision-making and enables individuals and their families to develop their self-advocacy skills.

I have the deepest respect of all who work with my sister. She seems very happy and content, which makes me happy.
— Guardian of NWW client