The Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services has announced and is beginning to initiate the system-wide application of Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS) as a service requirement for all state and provider agency's funded by the Department.

As a provider agency funded in part by the Department we are, therefore, required to integrate the MASSPBS system into how our support services are organized and delivered. NWW wholeheartedly supports this initiative which seeks to:

  • Improve the support of individuals in order to reduce behavioral challenges;
  • Increase independence; and
  • Ensure the development of constructive behaviors to meet life goals in the areas of social relationships, employment, academic achievement, functional life-skills, self-determination, health, and safety.

We believe that the competent and skilled use of PBS (i.e., focusing on strategies that are compassionate, constructive, and educationally oriented) can and does help individuals make meaningful progress toward their goals throughout the lifespan.

PBS is not just one intervention but instead, is a set of processes that combine information from social, behavioral, and biomedical science and applies this information at the individual and/or systems level to reduce behavioral challenges and improve quality of life.

For more information on PBS we encourage you to visit the Department's PBS Web site at